What are the abrasives. Applications and solutions offered by Abshot.

An abrasive is a substance that acts on other materials with different kinds of mechanical stress -shredding, grinding, cutting, polishing. It is of high hardness and is used in all types of industrial and artisan processes.

Shotblasting and sandblasting with abrasives means:

  • Speed in the process.
  • Absence of toxic substances.
  • No costly waste to treat. Raw materials are harmless materials.
  • Safe process for operators.
  • Easy maintenance.

Abrasive Types

There are a whide range of abrasives,each one with their own characteristics appropiated for any material to be treated.

Some abrasives recomemendated are aluminium silicate, white fused alumina ( white corundum ), brown fused alumina ( brown corundum ), glass beads, ceramic shot, plastic shot, vegetable abrasive, almond peel, walnut shell, steel shot and stainless steel shot, among others.

The great absent from this list of abrasives is the “silica sand”, because its use causes silicosis, a serious respiratory tract disease by inhalation of free silica particles that are released into the dust generated by the sand breakage during the blasting process. ABSHOT, following its policy of Safety at Work and respect for the environment, has never had the silica sand in its products.

For sandblasting or shotblasting there are a lot of materials well know in our  sector as:

  • Glass beads (without free silica).
  • Whithe and brown corundum (fused alumina).
  • Ceramic shots (zirconium).
  • Plastic shots.
  • Vegetal abrasives (almond peel, walnut shell).
  • Steel and stainless steel shots.

Aplications/Uses of the abrasives.

Blasting and shot blasting are used in both maintenance operations and in the manufacture of components.

The purpose of the sandblasting is very diverse. From among many of its applications, we highlight:

  • Surfeaces finishing.
  • Surfeaces treatment.
  • Component Maintenance.
  • Superficial cleaning.
  • Shoot-peening.

Everyday is more and more usual to use sandblasting or shotblasting facilities for metal surface cleaning processes, removing calamines and rust on an industrial scale, preparing the surfaces for painting, anodizing or galvanizing, after heat treatment, aesthetic chrome’s plating and coatings.

Application examples

For more than 40 years, ABSHOT had been dessigning, manufacturing and selling sand & shot blasting equipments and degreassing machines for the industry, in several sectors as automotive, plastics, tooling, mechanization, military, aeronautics, nuclear, etc.

Among the most usual applications, we can see maintenance work or production lines where general surface treatment is required.

Wind energy: the blast rooms have a wide range of applications in this sector, since this technique allows the best possible anticorrosion treatment for wind towers and their components. Shot blasting equipment is used to process castings such as rings, gears, etc… They should be equipments for high-performance ready to work in extreme conditions. 

Railways: ABShot has blasting and shot blasting plants on the market, working on surface finishing for train parts, internal and external. Sanding and shot blasting is used in new part manufacturing operations such as wagons, axles or even wheels. 

All the solutions ABShot may offer about abrasives

ABSHOT has an extensive range of abrasives in its catalogue:

Shot Glass: ideal solution for all those cases where a homogeneous surface finish is required without altering the tolerances of the machined parts. Particularly suitable for the final finishing of stainless steel parts. The main advantage over the Microsphere is a lower cost of the process (up to 40%).

White fused alumina: this type of corundum is widely used in blasting materials such as stainless steel, bronze, brass, aluminium, zamack, titanium aeronautical compositions, etc.

Brown fused alumina: by incorporating titanium oxide during fusion, corundum of greater hardness and toughness can be obtained. The latter are very useful in blasting or blasting applications, both suction and pressure.

Plastic shots: it is applied by spraying in blasting applications where there are delicate surfaces. Suitable for removing paints without damaging the base metal such as aluminium, magnesium, composites…

Spherical steel shot: suitable for removing oxides, cleaning surfaces in general, removing tension and prestressing of surface layers, shot peening.

Angular cast steel shots: High erosion index and are intended for hard work on heavily contaminated surfaces.

Stainless steel shoot beads: it is applied on non-ferrous metals for cleaning, deburring, compacting, shot peening and finishing processes in general. Ideal for marble and granite ageing.

Glass beads are manufactured  in order to cover the needs of the aronautical industry.

We have an after-sales technical service with permanent stock of spare parts and abrasives.

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