Plastic chips are used for deburring sharp burrs on non-metal parts such as bronze, copper, aluminium, zamak, zinc-nickel alloys, composites… ). The abrasiveness of polyester chips is from very low (for polishing) to high cut. Its quality provides a high durability as well as an absence of residues during its use.

These polyester chips are used not only for deburring, but to prepare the surface for further polishing or brightening. Our plastic chips comply with all European standards and we have a wide selection of sizes, from 10mm to 80mm, and shapes such as cone, pyramid, paraboloid, star …

The main applications of plastic chips are rounding of sharp burrs, smoothing, deburring, preparation of pieces for galvanic cover… Specially used for finishing by vibration processes of non-ferrous metals and processes that require an extremely smooth finish of the piece.