Maizorb comes from the corn cob. It is a highly absorbent, biodegradable and renewable material that can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries. Maizorb is inert and almost odourless, with no negative impact on the environment. Thanks to its ability to quickly absorb active ingredients, the corn cob can be used as a transport medium to safely dilute active ingredients and allow uniform application or dosage. It is also used for drying parts in vibration processes.

Corn cobs are composed of 47% oxygen, 44% carbon, 7% hydrogen, less than 0.5% nitrogen and the rest are trace elements. Due to the composition of the cobs, the corn is stable for long periods of time and resistant to high humidity.

Maizorb is used as a mild abrasive in the vibration sector for cleaning or deburring. It is used in special vibratory machines to polish and/or dry parts of all types of metals susceptible to vibration.



Product name: Corn Granulate
State at 20ºC: Solid
Main Applications: Product of vegetable origin used without water in the drying operations in appropriate heated dryers. In appropriate drying operations
Treatable materials: Each type of metal alloy, plastic and wood
Achievable finishes: Dry surfaces
Quantity: Average quantity in recommended proportions Depending on the characteristics and type of machinery. May correspond to the weight equivalent of the net payload volume. It should be evaluated according to the type of product to be dried.
Standard packaging: S20KG
It is advisable to check after three years of storage in a cool and dry place.
Disposition to foresee: The product once exhausted has to be given to the companies authorized to the collection and disposal.