Micromotors: what they are, areas of application and solutions offered by ABShot

Micromotors are rotating instruments that are used in various fields and for different purposes: for example in dentistry, jewellery, podiatry… The rapid rotation and small size make them the ideal instruments to perform different actions, such as polishing or perforations on surfaces.

For example, in a dental laboratory, a micromotor is used to cut skeletal and rework resin and ceramics. In jewellery, a micromotor can help polish the surface of an element. In a beauty treatment, a micromotor helps in processes such as manicure. In a podiatry practice, a micromotor helps in the applied processes.

Solutions from the micromotor provided by ABShot

ABShot have been an specialists in micromotors for over 40 years. We are also the manufacturers of the the only professional micro motor produced in Spain: NAVFRAM micro motor,

Our knowledge and experience in this machines also validate us to have the distribution in our country for SAESHIN micromotors, one of the world leaders and undoubtedly with a quality/price ratio difficult to match.

The different micromotors in our catalogue allow us to cover any sector of the market where micromotors are needed: from 25 wiper micromotors 30.000rpm (revolutions per minute) and 2.5 Ncm (torque unit or rotating force) for pedicure, manicure, podiatry and related sectors, up to 50,000rpm and 7.8Ncm micromotors for dental laboratories and jewellery.

After-sales and technical service


As always, we offer full solutions and support throughout the acquisition process: our help on the choice of the micromotor and an after-sales service with any spare parts you may need, as well as a technical service specialized in micromotors.

This means you only need to be aware that, for anything you need related to micromotors, you only have to contact ABShot for a quick and quality answer.

Read more about micromotors on the ABShot website


You can find out more about the characteristics of the different models of micromotors on our website: abshot. es. Here you will find further information about all the models we currently offer.


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