3D printing and sand blasting, following the path of innovation

A 3D printer is capable of making replicas of 3D designs, creating pieces or volumetric mock-ups from a previously designed prototype on a computer and after the need to make the 2D files, they become real 3D prototypes.

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At the beginning, 3D printing was applied in sectors such as architecture and industrial design, but currently its use is being extended to the manufacture of all types of objects

Today, multinationals and major companies are turning to 3D printers for their flexibility and cost savings.

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.Additive or 3D manufacturing brings a new way of working in both design and production to many companies in diverse sectors.  This technology has had in the last times a very important advance due to the constant innovations in software and hardware.

At the moment, the parts obtained by means of 3D printers and used in the automotive, aeronautical or railway construction sectors, are increasingly more precise, but to achieve a perfect finish on the parts, it is necessary to have a subsequent process to treat this surface and the best method for this is to use a blasting process.

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One of the specializations as far as machinery is concerned is the design and production of blasting machines for post-printing surface treatment, achieving defined finishes and in 3D FFF pieces, obtaining finished pieces according to the needs of the final consumer.

The blasting process that follows additive manufacturing or 3D printing, aims to ensure that the parts coming out of a printing process are completely finished.

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What we mainly achieve with this blasting process is to homogenize the surface and the finishes of the piece, whether it is a matter of removing burrs, rounding off corners to obtain a finished piece with a polished and smooth surface or to prepare these pieces for subsequent coating or to be assembled into a complete unit.

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