AB SHOT TECNICS, SL, has more than 30 years in the market of surface treatment, providing concrete to the general market demand, in need of advice and providing solutions, considering the needs of customers and not on a range solutions Standard machines that customers have to adapt.


Originally AB SHOT TECNICS, SL operates as a commercial enterprise, evolving in a short period of time, making their own equipment // blasting and sandblasting line NAVFRAM micromotors, complementing its range as distributor companies renowned in the market as TOSCA and SAESHIN.

Our facilities

For this we have more than 2,000 m2 in Cervello, where our engineers studied in each case, the best solution to the needs of the market, developing the machine and process that is perfectly adapted to customer requirements.

At our facilities, we have a large permanent stock of abrasives, additives, degreasers, parts and other products, to ensure prompt delivery.

Our activity

We have a wide range of standard equipment, but the strength and distinction of AB SHOT TECNICS SL It is evident in the development and manufacture of custom, all arising from our R + D + I.

Our extensive sales network, as well as an own technical support department, and transportation, is the best guarantee of immediate service to all our customers.

All this TECNICS SHOT AB SL has in its facilities, totally free pilot plant trials, in which we can determine the most appropriate equipment and the needs of the market process.

All these points make SHOT TECNICS AB SL a leader in its sector and a pioneer in developing new technologies and products in order to satisfy in a flexible, direct, full, global, personalized and focused on service and quality of its customers.