ABShot Tecnics S.L. – Sanblaster manfacturer and surface treatment companyy. Micromotors NAVFRAM manufacturer and official SAESHIN micromotors distributor in Spain.


Saeshin 1

At AB SHOT, S.L., we’re  dedicated to the design, manufacture and trade of a wide range of sandblasters, with an engineering and R+D+I team with more than 30 years of experience in the surface treatment sector. Among our standard machines we find the S3, S6, S9, S20, SV3000, SV6, as well as the Shot1 and Shot2 portable sandblasters.

We have also designed a large number of special machines created specifically to meet the needs of customers in any sector that requires a surface treatment.

In addition to blasting equipment, AB SHOT, S.L. has in its catalogue other types of surface treatment installations such as shot blasting machines, machinery for vibration finishing, ultrasound and washing machines.

We have any of the abrasives that are needed for the use of all the machines that we commercialize, as glass beads, metallic shot, stainless steel shot, white fused alumina, brown fussed alumina, shot glass, polyester chips, ceramic chips, porcelanic chips, chemical compounds for vibratory treatments, driying corncob…

ABSHOT’s primary objective is service and quality. ABSHOT seeks to bring its experience to companies by providing differential and innovative solutions, based on its knowledge and experience in surface treatment.

In another aspect of our business we have the design, manufacture and sale the micromotor N120 Navfram with applications in podiatry, aesthetics, dentistry and jewelry. To cover the needs of this same sector, we have the official representation of Saeshin Precision CO Ltd, a Korean company with cutting-edge and innovative technology and design, for Spain and Portugal. Highlight its enginesCamo, Strong207, Strong209, Medipower and Brillian portable.

The vocation to serve our customers is based on the following values:

  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

The trust that our clients have placed in our organization has allowed us to consolidate as a reference company in our sector. It is a stimulus, an injection of morale and at the same time an obligation to continue working in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

Flexibility is an identifying, differentiating value that is directly manifested in the relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Commitment, dynamism and adaptability allow us to adapt to the needs of each client.

Quality, based on the professionalism of ABSHOT’s human team in its experience and innovation, is the core of our relationship with customers.

We seek complete customer satisfaction by offering products and services that exceed their expectations, through continuous improvement in all processes of our organization.

ABSHOT’s quality policy consists of maintaining a high level of technology and innovation in all our projects so that we can become our customers’ best collaborators.